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Grant A Dream Foundation

Your donation makes you a champion of dreams for parent caregivers struggling with burnoutAt Grant A Dream we know first hand how incredibly challenging it is to be a 24 hour parent caretaker for a child with a chronic illness and/or special needs.

We recognize that caregiver burnout is a real thing. It is immensely draining physically and emotionally and have seen it tear many couples apart as the stress can be unbearable.

In an effort to reduce this burnout, every year we select parents who are caring for a child with constant care who have not had any kind of break from the stress for years and give them a Dream come true getaway from it all and grant them a 5-7 day "Dream" trip to rest and recharge and provide them a chance to rejuvenate, recharge, and rekindle their relationship so they can come back to their child who needs them with new found energy and love.

Ann & Hannah TownsendWe call it Grant A Dream!

Your donation makes you a champion of dreams! 

Meet The Founder

Ann Townsend is the founder of the Grant A Dream Foundation and the caregiver of her daughter Hannah for most of her life.

Hannah was born with a rare liver disease, and is a two time liver transplant recipient.