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Meet the Families we Have Helped Since 2018

Meet Kris and Andrew

Meet Kris & Andrew, parents of six and caregiver to a 11-year old with special needs.Kris and Andrew are parents to six children, including a daughter with a chronic illness that requires ongoing medical care after contracting a virus while traveling overseas.

"It's been over a decade since we've had an extended getaway as a couple and you don't realize how consuming medical demands are with the rest of life" said husband, Andrew.

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Meet Erica and Mike

Erica and Mike on a Dream Get Away Weekend to Lake GranbyMeet Erica and Mike, parents to a 7 year old son on the autism spectrum. The pandemic has added unforeseen stressors for their son with the all the changes that occurred in routine, on top of recently being diagnosed with MS, the family has had a lot to navigate this year.

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Meet Eileen

Meet Eileen - single mother of 5 year old Matthew who was born with chronic illnessMeet Eileen, a single mom of two and caregiver to 5-year old Michael who has been sick since before he was born.

“Please help me with resting for a short while, it is not the end of this journey through the painful process of being a frequent flyer to the Children’s Hospital.

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Meet Brion and Elizabeth

Brion and Elizabeth parents of 3 and caregiver to 11 year old BrionnaMeet Brion and Elizabeth, parents of three and caregivers to 11-year-old Brionna who suffers from a catastrophic brain disorder.

“This getaway would mean so much to us and would refresh our relationship. We have not been able to spend time away with just each other in 10 years.

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Meet Gwen & Tom

Meet Gwen & Tom, parents of three and caregiver to a 14-yearold with special needs.Meet Gwen & Tom, parents of three and caregiver to a 14-yearold with special needs.

“It’s extremely challenging to step away from the marathon of our day to day life to have time together as a couple.”

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Meet Ed and Sabrina

Meet Ed and Sabrina parents of 2 small boys with special needsMeet Ed and Sabrina, parents of two small boys, both with special needs. Ed and Sabrina are always on high alert making sure their boys don’t wander off alone and anticipating the next meltdown. Their days are spent at various therapy appointments and maintaining routines to help regulate all of their sensory needs.

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